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Organization and Duties

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Organization Structure Of West Coast Expressway Southern Region Engineering Office,

Directorate General of Highways,Ministry of Transportation and Communications

organization chart

The Department contains 1 director for comprehensive matters and commanding the subordinates; 2 Deputy-directors to assist the director; 1 Supervising Engineer to handle issuance and approval matters, coordinate other issues, and hold important meetings; 4 Sections (Design Section, Construction Section, Land Section, and Labor Safety Section); 4 offices Secretariat, Personnel Office, Accounting and Statistic Office, and Civil Service Ethics Office; and first to eighth Construction Branch; currently, Six Construction Branches of 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 6th, and 7th are set to deal with the business.


In accordance with “The Organization Law of the Directorate General of Highways Ministry of Transportation and Communications”, the tasks of the Department are to carry out the paving and maintenance of the highway, along with the following matters:

  1. Design planning, budgeting, and outsourcing for the construction.
  2. Quality control for the construction, control of annual funds, as well as review and submission.
  3. Permission and administration of the highway-use lands.
  4. Occupational safety and health management for the laborers.
  5. Other matters regarding to the highway construction.
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